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  • Headset Logitech Stereo - H150

    Headset Logitech Stereo - H150

    • Noise-cancelling microphone
    • Full stereo sound for music, movies and games
    • Rotating microphone boom
    • Adjustable headband
    • Foam ear cups
    • 2-year limited hardware warranty

  • Headset TapOn X9 iBall

    Headset TapOn X9 iBall

    • Enhanced sound with Powerful Bass
    • Wearing comfort with Soft Headband and Ear cushions
    • Best-in-class Stereo Headphones with MIC
    • In-Line Volume controller
    • One Year Warranty

  • Headset UpBeat D3 USB

    Headset UpBeat D3 USB

    • Plug-n-Play USB Headset with MIC
    • Adjustable headband for better fit
    • Ideal for Music and Voice chat
    • Volume Up / Down and MIC/ Headphone Mute
    • One Year Warranty

  • Bluetooth Headset Corseca

    Bluetooth Headset Corseca

    • Provides maximum portability Wirelessly
    • Light weight design (72grams)
    • working distance of 10 meters
    • Rechargeable Built-in Li-Polymer battery
    • One Year Warranty